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LDCAA Mission

Established in 1993, Leadership Dickson County Alumni Association (LDCAA) is a paid membership organization composed of dedicated graduates committed to growth, improvement and continuation of the LDC program. After more than 500 graduates, the LDCAA continues to strive toward the following goals:

  • Increase awareness of challenges and opportunities in our county

  • Promote and support the current leadership class

  • Strengthen relationships among all program graduates

To educate and support our current graduate leaders 

To recruit, enhance and nurture our future leaders

To act as an advocate for the betterment of Dickson County

Who is eligible to become a member?

All graduates of Leadership Dickson County

What will LDCAA do for you?


Become part of an exclusive group of positive, established and influential individuals committed to making Dickson County a better place to live and work. Continue your leadership education.


Regularly network with other LDCAA alumni. Gather and provide insight on how to better the community. Become an advocate for program growth and continuation.


Stay connected and informed on LDCAA news and member information through social media and listing in the alumni directory.

Annual LDCAA membership includes:

  • Free admission to alumni networking and social events

  • A copy of an alumni directory in print or as a pdf (available by request)

  • Financial support for class activities and necessities

Annual dues are $40

Choosing to become a member not only benefits you, but helps support Leadership Dickson County and sustain LDCAA. Become a member and continue to build a legacy of leadership in Dickson County!

Scholarship Contribution

Consider contributing to our LDCAA Scholarship Program. These funds go toward our future leaders in need of a subsidized tuition.

The Fellowship of the Trophy
Guidelines for the LDCAA 'Best Class Ever Trophy'

The Leadership' Best Class Ever' Trophy has some guidelines and possession rules as we prepare to hand it off to the next deserving class. Will your class be able to get their hands on the trophy? If you take possession of the trophy, where will you store it? How can it be stolen? The answer to these questions and more are available on the PDF.

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