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LDCAA Elects Board Members, Revise Bylaws

The Leadership Dickson County Alumni Association elected new board members and approved revisions to its bylaws during the annual membership meeting June 27 at the War Memorial Building. Immediately following the membership meeting, the LDCAA Board of Directors met to elect officers for 2023-24.

The Leadership Dickson County Alumni Association is open to all graduates of the Leadership Dickson County program and annual dues of $40 are payable as of July 1. At the annual membership meeting, the members present re-elected Beverly Wolfe to a second three-year term, elected Michelle Aulidge, Kimberly Todd and Allyson Harmon to their first three-year terms and elected Scott Willett to complete the one year remaining on the term of Julia Holt, who resigned from the board of directors.

The newly elected 13-member board elected Spencer Earhart as president, Brandon Cardwell as vice president, Amy Stringer as treasurer and Chris Norman as secretary for 2023-24.

LDCAA board members serve three-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms with four board members elected by the membership each year.

The current Board of Directors consists of:

· Spencer Earhart, president, LDC Class of 2022, employed by Drug Free Dickson Coalition;

· Brandon Cardwell, vice president, LDC Class of 2018, E4 Real Estate;

· Amy Stringer, treasurer, LDC Class of 2018, First Federal Bank;

· Chris Norman, secretary, LDC Class of 1995, City of Dickson;

· Tiffany Lane, LDC Class of 2018, Hiscall;

· Beverly Wolfe, LDC Class of 2014, retired;

· Scott Willett, LDC Class of 2023, BBE Solutions;

· Susan Ahlheit, LDC Class of 2018, TSCG;

· Andi Arms, LDC Class of 2015, Dal-Tile;

· Michelle Aulidge, LDC Class of 2019, Pinnacle Financial Partners;

· Kimberly Todd, LDC Class of 2023, Daymon Worldwide;

· Allyson Harmon, LDC Class of 2019, UT Extension, Dickson County; and

· Jennie Wagner, LDC Class of 2016, president of the Dickson County Chamber.

Ex-officio board members include representatives of the Youth Leadership Dickson County (retired UT Extension Agent Janet Cluck, LDC Class of 1996) and Dickson County Education Edge (retired educator Dana Ramsey, LDC Class of 1998), and the immediate past president of the LDCAA Board of Directors/chairman of a newly created Membership Committee (Tiffany Lane).

Under the bylaws revisions approved at the membership meeting, starting with the 2024 annual membership meeting an active member will be allowed to designate another active member as his or her proxy to cast votes at the membership meeting to fulfill the required 30 percent of active members to constitute a quorum.

The revisions change the president-elect position to a vice president who is elected by the board members and who is given priority as the next president but does not automatically ascend to the position.

The revisions also add a Membership Committee to be appointed by the board president and chaired by the immediate past president. The Membership Committee shall strive to include a member representing each of the previous Leadership Dickson County classes, with a minimum of the 10 most recently graduated classes. The committee will work to assist the board in the promotion of the Leadership Dickson County program, the recruitment of applicants, promotion of and recruitment of members for the LDCAA and promoting attendance at the annual membership meeting.

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